immersive wellness experience with marlborough school

Tu Me CoFounder, and Marlborough School class of '03, Shaina Zaidi is a proud alum who loves giving back, especially to where it all started. Tu Me sponsored the wellness festival and kept all participants hydrated with our turmeric goodness. It was a surreal experience for Shaina being back at Marlborough witnessing the future of Marlborough enjoying a product she created.

Tu Me CoFounder, Shaina Zaidi at Marlborough School

Joined by B Inspired, Marlborough threw their first wellness festival consisting of a one-day immersive wellness experience. The wellness festival featured classes ranging from meditation for athletes, to goat yoga (yes, yoga with real goats).

Goat Yoga hosted by Christine Burke

In addition to fitness classes, there were Q&A sessions with amazing panels. We sat in on premier distance runners Ryan and Sara Hall led by KABC7's Jovana Lara.

Olympian, Ryan Hall

Ryan has posted the best-ever American times in the Half Marathon and Marathon and has represented the US in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. Sara was the 2012 US National Cross Country Champion and a Gold Medalist at the Panamerican Games in the steeplechase. They ended their panel with this inspirational message:

Don’t let failures change the vision you have for yourself.

Thank you Marlborough, for letting your past meet the future in the present.

Marlborough Wellness Festival

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